1. is registered with with the Australian TGA and has the American 5(10)K number, we will get the FDA registration soon
  2. is unique in world, with a patent certificate, helping to reduce so much unneeded suffering in paediatric clinics.
  3. is not only for children, so many grownups have also this fear from injections.
  4. has the perfect safety system, ensured by a push of a button:

    - single-handed safety activation with irreversible locking mechanism
    - locking is confirmed with an audible click
    - activated immediately after the blood withdrawal and helps protecting against needlestick injury
  5. could be also used for a short-term (2 hours) administration of intravenous fluids 
  6. is easily used for collecting blood samples 
  7. has two different types of endings.
  8. is supplied in sterile wrapped packets for easy dispensing around clinic or medical rooms, (Single Use Only)
  9. is completely latex free
  10. samples are ready for delivery, prices are available